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Amirath is very active in her community and work. Having worked and tutored teenagers for several years, she realised how much potential is given to all, yet how little is made use of.

She noticed how easy it was to stay in our Comfort Zone, and how little effort was made to improve or change our lives outcome.

Being a true believer of constant Self Development, and having been coached on different levels of her life,
Amirath wishes to guide teens and her peers to develop physically and intellectualy, through her passion.


Choreographer/ Dancer/ Coach

Smart, Compassionate and Energetic young lady. Never can you spend a dull moment in her company.

Amirath has a remarkable ability to create strong social bonds. Her mindset is genuinely positive, and solution oriented.

DANCE has always played a big part in Amirath's life. From her teens to her undergrad, she trained in Latin, however it was in her early adulthood that her passion turned to Urban Dance.